Prayers Answered & Souls Saved

By Elaine Maurer

Donald and I were married June 18, 1955, at Calvary Baptist in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I was a born again believer since the age of 10. Donald always went to church. We had two adorable sons, Randy and Timothy. Life was a struggle, but good. Donald always brought the pay check home and never abused me or the boys. Donald was a good husband and father.

Donald liked drinking on Friday and Saturday nights and for one hour on Sundays. I was even going in the liquor stores with him. I was back sliding. In January 1972 I repented and told Donald that I could not go with him anymore to the liquor stores and neither could the boys.

By January 20, 1973, Donald was drinking more and more, but only on Friday nights, all day Saturday and one hour on Sunday (12-1pm). He would have a couple of beers when he got home from work during the week. The evening of January 20, 1973, we had an argument over his drinking. He fell asleep on the sofa.

The little church we were attending was one block away from where we lived. I went every Saturday night to light the oil burner for Sunday morning. It was a bitter cold January night when I went to the church. It was dark and cold inside. I knelt down by the altar in the dark and cold and prayed for my marriage and the salvation of Donald. I remember telling God I was sorry for playing the part of the Holy Spirit in Donald’s life and that I would never preach to him again nor mention God’s name to Donald. In the dark and cold I felt such a warmth and glow around me. I was releasing Donald to God.

On Sunday, January 21, 1973, I went to church alone in the morning, came home and Donald went for his usual Sunday morning outing. Donald was
the only one in the bar. He took one swallow of the beer and told the bartender something was wrong with it. The bartender told him that he had just opened a new keg and that the glasses were clean, but he gave Donald a new glass of beer. Donald took one sip, put it down and said, “You will never see me in here again”. The bartender said, “Ya! We all go on the wagon once in awhile”.

Donald was always home at 1:00pm. I had the potatoes boiling for dinner. Lo and behold, Donald is home at 12:45pm! He comes in the house and says “Ma, turn off the stove, I have to see Pastor Jack”.    I called the pastor and he was home. Jack’s wife Louise and I went downstairs. Forty-five minutes later Pastor Jack called us upstairs. Pastor Jack said, “Don has something to tell you Elaine”.

Don said he had just accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and now asked if I would forgive him for all the unhappiness he had caused in our marriage.

What a day of rejoicing! I have to laugh now as I write this. God knew me so well that He must have thought, “I have to get Donald saved in a hurry because I know Elaine can’t keep her mouth shut to not preach to Donald”.

For nine years we had a new marriage. On June 8, 1980, we celebrated our 25th anniversary and renewed our marriage vows. In March 1978 Donald’s appendix burst, and on Good Friday we found out he had leukemia. He witnessed wherever he went. After he was saved he once said, “I wish I could quit work and go into full-time witnessing”. Little did we know God would allow this to happen the way it did. The doctors and nurses got a full dose of the Gospel from Donald. Donald lived for four years with leukemia.

April 5, 1982, Donald was hospitalized for five days of strong chemotherapy. On April 11, 1982, I once again released Donald to God. Donald went home to be with his Risen Savior Easter Sunday on Randy’s 26th birthday.

I am not writing this to glorify Donald or myself. CHRIST had to change me first and brought me back in fellowship with the Father. Never quit praying for your loved ones. Never give up on your marriage. No one is ever that far down the path of sin that God cannot save them.

As you read this I pray that if you haven’t already surrendered your life to Christ, please do so now​. He died for you. He loves you! Won’t you join Donald and me in heaven?​